Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental Implants can be considered as tooth replacement which looks like a natural tooth, help reducing and supporting the alveolar bone. Currently, dental technology has more progress that is very important to reduce the difficulty procedure, duration and complication of treatment.

There are many types of implants currently available:

  • Normally, the patients usually wait for 3-6 months after tooth extraction before tooth implanted and wait for 3-6 months after placed implant fixture to do permanently prosthesis.
  • “immediate implant” is a method that can place the implant fixture immediately after the tooth extraction.
  •  “One day implant” can be placed immediate temporary or permanently prosthesis after implantation by dentist’s decision

Considerations in patients who wants to have dental implants:

Most people can have dental implants but sometimes may not have enough alveolar bone, thus they need to do more complicated procedure such as bone transplantation or sinus lift surgery which follow the dentist’s instructions. In people with certain conditions., we may need to identify the patients who are at high-risk such as patients who are taking some medications or patients who usually smoke because it may be the reason for the treatment to be unsuccessful.

Implantation depends on the gum condition and the amount of alveolar bone in each patient. Before an implant is mounted, the patient may consult with a dental specialist for the diagnosis and the treatment of the underlying condition for the right treatment process to be provided.